Friday, January 8, 2016

"Dioxin Dream"

"The Birth Of A Singularity"

"Dear Marguerite"

"It's Not About Art Anymore"

"Memories of a recent past pumps the heart faster through the night"

"The last thing I saw before I died"

"For I am a destroyer of Gods in a world of Demons"

"Life Exists In Between The Pain"

"Los Caprichos Religiosos"

"Look To The Past"


"But I Still Love Her"

"The Tango Of Yin and Yang: A Dance Between Two Lovers"

"Mother of my Mothers, Mothers"

"We Make Our Own Myths"

"Before Consistency Can Be Measured, Art Must Be Consistently Inconsistent"

"We Are The Universe."

"I was a three year old spic"